Civic Crew celebrates 9-year partnership with Metropolitan Memorial Parks

To commemorate the successful nine-year partnership between Civic and Metropolitan Memorial Parks, staff and crew celebrated with a Morning Tea at Woronora Memorial Park on Thursday 15 February 2024. This celebration highlighted the significant achievements and contributions of the Civic Crew since our partnership with Metropolitan Memorial Parks began in 2014.

The Civic Crew has been instrumental in the upkeep and enhancement of both Woronora and Eastern Suburbs Memorial Parks and has provided a range of services—including administration, warehousing, events, hospitality, cleaning, catering, and lawn care—contributing significantly to the local facilities and businesses. The expansion of the Civic Crew’s services to include car washing at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park in 2018 further demonstrates their adaptability and commitment. This year, the Civic Kitchen and Catering Crew provided the morning tea, further enhancing community involvement.

Kate Smith, chief operating officer at Civic Disability Services, said, “An inclusive workforce provides people access to resources and the ability to participate in fulfilling employment opportunities. The long-term partnership between Metropolitan Memorial Parks and Civic Disability Services fosters understanding, cultivates mutual respect, and removes barriers enabling employees to work side by side.”

Our partnership stands as a shining example of the power of inclusive employment to enrich both individuals and communities and we look forward to what our continued collaboration will bring as we move toward our tenth year of partnership.

Thank you to all staff at Metropolitan Memorial Parks for making the morning memorable for all. Thank you to Sutherland Shire Council Mayor Carmelo Pesce for attending and providing ongoing support for inclusive employment opportunities.

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