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Find NDIS housing with Civic

We can help you to find dedicated NDIS supported disability accommodation in Sydney.

Currently there is a shortage of disability accommodation in Sydney, leaving those who need it without the support they require. If you have housing requirements on your NDIS plan, get in touch with us and we will try to find you the accommodation you need, or view our current accommodation vacancies.

  • Shared NDIS housing

    We can find you shared disability accommodation around Sydney.

    Civic provides a range of options for share-house style living around Sydney. Ranging from purpose built apartments and villas to multi-room houses, they are designed to help people to live a more independent lifestyle and learn self-care skills while still receiving support and care.

    Housemates will share chores and tasks, and have regular meetings to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Civic staff will also be available to help with daily tasks such as cleaning and shopping. To find out more, and to work out if shared living is the right option for you, call 1800 253 743.


  • Short-stay and transitional disability housing

    Civic short-stays are designed to help people learn new skills and potentially transition to shared living in the future.

    Our short-stay service gives people a night or two at a time away from home, and allows you to learn the skills you need to become more independent. These skills include domestic activities such as cooking, as well as socialising and making new friends. If this is one of your goals you may be able to get NDIS funding for your housing on these short-stay outings.

    The goal of our transitional living service is to help reduce the need for home supports, as well as give you a chance to socialise and spend a night or two in a different environment. To find out more, and to work out if transitional living is the right option for you, contact us.


  • Contact Civic

    To find out more contact the Customer Experience Team on 1300MYCIVIC (1300 692 484) or email enquiries@civic.org.au.

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