Employment for people with disabilities

The future of employment

Over the last 5 years, Civic has been increasing the range and diversity of roles available for supported employees.

This has come through new partnerships with companies and growing Civic’s own social businesses. We are continuing to grow both the partnerships and Civic’s social businesses to provide more opportunities. Some of the newer career types that are growing include hospitality, kitchens and cookery, logistics and housekeeping.

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  • Jobs for people with disabilities

    Here at Civic, we are able to help provide jobs for people with disabilities that enable them to become positive contributors and to earn a living for themselves. Our supported work environments and transition to work programs are highly effective in providing clients with the support and training necessary to excel in a wide variety of roles.

    This assistance helps clients to overcome difficulties in entering the workforce, engenders a strong work ethic and gives them valuable experience. These individuals then go on to become valued and happy employees across several different industries from manufacturing to administration.



  • Supported employment jobs for people with disabilities

    As a registered disability services provider, Civic provides supported employment positions for a wide range of varying skill levels. All training and work takes place in a supportive environment designed specifically for the benefit of clients.

    In these roles, the client undertakes regular training in how to maintain a safe work environment and to make them more valuable to future employers. This training occurs as part of the client’s personal career plan in which they will develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

    Working with an adviser, the client develops their personal career plan and identifies the skills they will need to learn in order to achieve the goals therein. This allows the client and their adviser to easily monitor progress, identify problem areas and celebrate milestones.


  • School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

    Working with an adviser, the SLES program is designed to provide early school leavers with disability with the experience opportunities they need to excel in the workforce. Depending on the clients’ individual aspirations and employment interests, the adviser will help them pursue different programs that will prepare them for the role they see themselves in.

    There’s a huge amount of opportunity in a diverse range of fields, including technology, retail, administration, horticulture, hospitality and automotive to name a few. There are plenty of jobs for people with disabilities and employers are encouraged to re-think their traditional expectations of these individuals.


  • Benefits of jobs for people with disabilities

    Other than earning a personal income, there are several other benefits of jobs for people with disabilities. These benefits all work towards helping the client live a more fulfilled and happy life.

    Promotes punctuality and organisational skills
    Having a routine commitment to show up for at a specific time each day helps improve the client’s organisational skills gives them a degree of personal responsibility. While they may be assisted, it’s on them to build up the worth ethic to attend and do their part.

    Promotes teamwork and problem solving
    Many jobs for people with disabilities will require them to interact and cooperate with other workers. Whether working with other disabled or non-disabled employees, the client will take on a degree of responsibility and be accountable to a close knit team.

    Promotes independence
    Jobs for people with disabilities are the ultimate confidence booster as they enable the individual to contribute to society in the same way everyone else does. This helps to diminish the negative impact of their disability and ultimately allows them to lead a more fulfilled life.

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