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If you have an hour, a full day or a regular time slot to spare during the week, volunteer at Civic. The benefits of volunteering are huge – social connection, learn new skills, fresh experiences and a bucket-load of satisfaction. We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities to suit anyone’s schedule and skill set. You don’t need experience. You just need kindness, patience, and a great sense of humour.

To become one of our star volunteers, email enquiries@civic.org.au or call 1300MYCIVIC (1300 692 484) to book in a chat with our team.

  • Benefits of Volunteering

    Did you know that volunteering is a great way to build experience and gain valuable skills?

    Studies show that volunteering can release endorphins that give you that “feel good factor”, which contributes to positive physical and mental health.
    Other benefits may include:
    • Build relationships
    • Connect to the community
    • Advance your career
    • Sample a new career
    • Learn new skills
    • Gain new experiences
    • Increase your social skills
    • Increase self-confidence
    • Find your meaning and purpose
  • Contact Civic

    To find out more about volunteering opportunities at Civic, call the Customer Experience Team on 1300MYCIVIC (1300 692 484) or email enquiries@civic.org.au.

  • Call 1300MYCIVIC
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