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Civic helps to find jobs for disabled people

There are numerous jobs that disabled people can do, especially if reasonable accommodations are made – and Civic can help you to find them.

We work with employers around Sydney to help locate jobs for disabled people, as well as providing meaningful work ourselves for people with a range of skill levels. Everyone we employ at Civic offices and locations around Sydney are trained regularly to ensure that they are safe, as well as to increase their employability to employers outside of our network.

Apart from being an Australian Disability Enterprise ourselves, we have a contract with the Department of Defence at Holsworthy Army Base where suitable administrative jobs for our disabled clients are found. We also support employment at Nourish Kitchen + Café in Nowra, and provide transport support for people to get to work.

While finding jobs for disabled people in Australian Disability Enterprises is a good start, our goal is to help you to work in an occupation that you enjoy and find fulfilling. There are number of positions that can easily be filled by someone with a disability, and even more where only minor accommodations need to be made.

  • Occupations outside disability enterprises

    If you are looking for jobs that can be done by the disabled, consider these options:
    • Cashier: as a cashier in a supermarket you will need to be able to handle and count money, scan the items people are buying and interact with strangers. Any other skills are only an added bonus, and as long as you can do these three things accommodations can be made around other needs.
    • Cooking: as long as you can safely handle hot equipment and follow recipes, you could be an assistant chef in a restaurant kitchen, or possibly a baker. You might need more supervision to ensure that the job is being done safely, and you would need to be able to follow directions, but this job is one that can be very rewarding, for the right person.
    • Truck driver: if you feel that you need a regular routine and plan to stick to, then truck driving can provide good jobs for disabled people. Obviously you would need to be able to drive a truck, which can be a tricky skill to acquire and one that not many people have. However, a regular route and set routine means that this could be a good way to be a part of the workforce.
    • Administrative assistant: office work can be a great source of jobs for the disabled, and in fact this is how Civic employs many people. As long as the job doesn’t require big transitions in tasks from day to day, it can be a great way to enter the workforce. Administration can be an excellent way to get started, allowing people to work in important roles but also with close supervision.


    So there you go; Civic can help to find a number of suitable jobs for disabled people. Apart from our own employment program and close links to Holsworthy and Nourish Kitchen, we can help you to identify an occupation that you are suited to and would enjoy.

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