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  • Rebrand in the Shoalhaven

    Introducing Civic Kitchen & Café, the new name for Nourish Café in Nowra. The café’s smart new signage is part of a rebrand, which brings the business under the Civic umbrella and connects it to our neighbouring accommodation offerings. The move aims to bolster Civics’ presence and support plans for future growth in the area.

    Civic’s Food Experience Manager, Joel said:

    “Demand for supported employment and accommodation in the area is incredibly high and we are working hard to meet the needs of the local community. We have a waiting list of individuals keen to work at the café and develop their skills. By building a strong and recognisable brand we hope to increase local connections and generate further opportunities for people with disabilities to gain independence and reach their potential through a range of roles and across a variety of different industries.”


  • Contact Civic

    To find out more about Civic’s Café in Nowra, call the café on 02 4409 3955 or for general enquiries contact the Customer Experience Team on 1300MYCIVIC (1300 692 484) or email

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