Annie Doyle – NDS NSW State Committee

Civic is proud to announce that our CEO Annie Doyle has been successful in securing a place on the National Disability Services NSW State Committee.

The NSW State Committee is made up of representatives elected by the NDS members who bring a wide range of experience of disability and expertise – including advocacy, policy and program delivery.

Annie is a management professional with more than 20 years’ experience, including the last ten years in NFP disability. Throughout her career, Annie has been one of the driving forces behind pioneering the importance of relationships in human service organisations, looking to technology and streamlined systems to help transform the lives of people with disability by delivering back what the disability workforce needs: time to connect.

As a State Committee Member Annie will continue to be a strong advocate and esteemed voice for critical issues such as accessible and affordable housing, access to equitable healthcare and meaningful employment opportunities. And her ability to balance optimal, safe service delivery with the practicalities of long-term financial sustainability will be invaluable.

On behalf of Civic we would like to thank the NDS voting representatives who have supported Annie in this election.

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