Connect Hub continues to reduce social isolation

Civic@Home launched in 2020 during the restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic to reduce feelings of social isolation and provide access to services, support people’s mental health, access learning, participate in physical activity, improve their wellbeing and feel connected to the community.

In 2022, Civic@Home was successful in gaining support from Sutherland Shire Council’s Community Grant program to continue the Civic@Home initiative for people who are still not accessing community programs or may be experiencing social isolation.

The Connect Hub Civic@Home program delivers practical living skills for sustained health and safety, and an environment for learning, social connection and support networks.

Providing opportunities for people to access services and classes that are both educational and recreational.

Civic@Home Connect Hub features a weekly timetable that will include art and craft, classes, fitness classes, conversations, bingo and trivia. The programs will also allow people who have a disability to connect online with peers and make new friendships.

For more information on Civic@Home or to make a booking please contact or visit the Civic@Home webpage.

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