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Finding Employment in an Inclusive & Supportive Environment

The unemployment rate for individuals with disability remains unacceptably high – twice as high as..

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Adapting to a new way of life

Over the past few weeks, people everywhere have been coming to terms with a new..

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Jasmin’s advice to anyone thinking about volunteering with Civic.

With 25 years of experience in the floristry industry, if there’s one thing Jasmin knows,..

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Lauren’s new-found independence through Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Now in their sixties, and with their daughter, Lauren, still living at home, Narelle and..

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Kiera colouring hair in a salon.

Kiera ‘Klips and Kurls’

Welcoming customers, assisting with colours and tints, organising displays and keeping the salon neat and..

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Kim story

Kim’s Story

Kim’s Story At this stage in my life, driving a car is the last thing..

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Civic client, Sam, sitting on her bed and smiling.

Sam’s Story

Sam’s Story Samantha lives in a Civic shared home and works at Civic Industries. Samantha’s..

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Civic client, Chris, smiling while at work.

Chris’ Story

Chris has been using Civic services for more than twenty years. ..

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Civic client, Jehsie sitting at a desk with his Transition to Work program instructor.

Jehsie’s Story

Jehsie’s Story Jehsie joined Civic’s Transition to Work program for young people in 2015. Over..

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